Our Story

Mucho Mangoes was born out of a passion and desire to eliminate waste, loss and poverty in the Kenyan mango industry.

Mr Didas Mzirai is the CEO of Mucho Mangoes. Didas was born out of wedlock, and raised by his poor grandmother. Didas picked mangoes during school holidays to make ends meet and pay his school fees. It was there that Didas saw the losses that smallholder farmers experienced when their produce didn’t meet export standards.

Didas started Mucho Mangoes to address this issue, by helping smallholder farmers reduce waste and mass-produce fruit that meets export standards.


1. Mobilize

We search for farmers who are experiencing post harvest losses of their mangoes and who are not seeing a strong income from their farms.

2. Empower

We (and our partners) provide these farmers with training on pre and post harvest crop handling skills, pest management and biological production. We show the farmers how to improve the quality of their fruit, using materials found in their own backyards. We equip the farmers with the resources and knowledge to ensure that their fruit meets international EUREGAP/GLOBALGAP standards.

3. Support

After the training, we provide ongoing support to the farmers. We partner youth workers with elderly farmers so that the mango trees are pruned and yield more fruit. We make sure the farmers are improving their production processes and are aware of new low cost production technologies.

4. Link

We link farmers with low interest financing, and for those who are interested, agrochemical dealers, so they can invest in their farm and improve production.

5. Market

We provide a market for the farmer’s produce. We buy the mangoes at good prices and sell them to distributors in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Saudi Arabia.

An empowered farmer that increases their production, eliminates waste and sells more produce receives greater incomes from their farm. This helps them to move out of poverty, afford decent housing, provide their children with an education, and access better quality healthcare.


You can help us improve the mango farming industry. There are many ways you can get involved and we are always looking for partners. Get in touch with us if you:

• Know mango farmers that would benefit from our help.
• Have new, innovative information or resources that would help reduce post-harvest losses.
• Can provide agricultural or financial support directly to the farmers.
• Are interested in purchasing our mangoes.

Send us an email: mzirai@muchomangoes.com
Give us a call: +254728152302

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